One Final Day in the Man Cave Before Returning to School

Man Cave Rearranged for Festival Business

Man Cave Rearranged for Festival Business

No man will ever unfold the capacities of his own intellect who does not at least checker his life with solitude.

De Quincey

Tomorrow I return to school with a glad heart and a serene mind.  This week of Spring Break has felt like two, and I am boundlessly grateful for all it brought.  I only departed the homestead for one all-day excursion, which was a beautiful one, and most of the rest has been spent in my Cave.  I do love this garage as a space for painting, working on my art business, reading, writing in my journal, listening to music, and just feeling life circulate through my Being.  I have been surrounded by my art work as I set up a mock booth in the center of the garage.  There is a tremendous art festival coming up next weekend here in Arlington, Texas: Art on the Greene, in the beautiful park between the two stadiums.  (  Getting ready for it has modulated further my modular Man Cave, and now the large easel paintings form the wall that turns my drafting tables into a cubicle for reading and writing, as well as matting and packaging my paintings and prints for next week’s show.  I could say that this is Andy Warhol’s Factory, but no one else is here, aside from a cat and pair of small dogs, and I don’t envision Andy Warhol reading books and writing about his interior thoughts.

I have started reading The Cantos of Ezra Pound.  I have tried before, and failed to understand, but am getting great help now from Margaret Dickie’s monograph On the Modernist Long Poem, and am reading Dante’s Divine Comedy alongside him.  Some important ideas are coming to light, and I could be blogging them in the days ahead.  The week has been a venerable literary smorgasbord, to say the least: Hemingway, Joyce, William Carlos Williams, Robert Frost, T. S. Eliot, e. e. cummings and now Ezra Pound.  They have been great “cave companions”.

I have over a dozen new greeting cards coming out with my watercolor reproductions on the front and texts on the back (blank inside).  I’m busy composing the texts now, so I have to close this blog and get back to work.

Thanks for reading.


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