Closing Out the Easter Weekend of Watercoloring

Easter Weekend Watercolors

Easter Weekend Watercolors

Vita brevis,

Ars longa,

Occasio praeceps,

Experimentum periculosum,

Iudicium difficile.

Life is short, and Art long, opportunity fleeting, experience perilous, and decision difficult.


I regret watching this three-day weekend draw to a close.  Actually, it was like a four-day weekend, since my last day at school was an art museum field trip.  I should be ready to return, but I hate leaving the watercolors and studio work behind.

I spread out my work from this weekend so I could sit back and look at it.  The work on the left is actually from a few years ago, done en plein air.  Those of you following my blog know that the other three have been works in progress since Friday morning.  Tomorrow after school I’ll put mats on them, encase them in plastic sleeves and put them in the box.  There are moments like now when I’m not really sure what direction to go with my watercolor subjects or techniques.  These kinds of moments used to stall me.  I really don’t want to go back to that.  I figure that prolific is better than nothing at all.  And long as I keep “throwing the ball” I’ll eventually throw another strike.  So, I continue to paint.  In art, I find my refuge.  And no matter if I’m surging, or flat, I still love the experience of watching a world come into focus at the end of my brush or pencil.

Now, I plan to read some more from the Willem de Kooning biography, and wait for sleep to overtake me.  Tomorrow begins a new week at school.

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to “Closing Out the Easter Weekend of Watercoloring”

  1. LuAnn Locke Says:

    Is the lumberyard painting still available for purchase?


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