Festival Starts Tomorrow

Newest Watercolors for the Art Festival

Newest Watercolors for the Art Festival

I have had to find an extra gear this afternoon.  First thing in the morning, I will be setting up my tent at a weekend art festival opening at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon (http://www.kennedaleartsfestival.com/festival-info/).  It will be the annual Art in the Park in Kennedale, Texas.

Unlike Andy Warhol’s Factory, I have a workforce of one in the Cave this afternoon, printing, matting, sleeving, pricing, packaging and loading.  I’m delighted that I managed to create six new watercolors in the past week, and have turned all of them into greeting cards as well.  Now, we just need to hope for a good turnout.  The weather promises to be much better than it was two weekends ago.

Thanks for reading.

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One Response to “Festival Starts Tomorrow”

  1. djdfr Says:

    I was doing the matte thing yesterday. Must keep one’s wits about. 🙂


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