Some Early Afternoon Watercoloring in the Man Cave

Painting in the Man Cave

Painting in the Man Cave

When one becomes totally absorbed in the painting, the painting has a relation to one which is extremely complicated and, I think, quite profound.

Barnett Newman

I echo the sentiments of Newman.  I cannot explain why “robin’s egg” blue has always held my attention, but from my earliest childhood memories, it was my favorite color, and I found myself staring at it, whether it was a chamber pot at my grandparents’ farm, a nest of robin eggs, a particular coffee mug on the grandparents’ table, the metal dipper that hung from their pump handle–I loved that color.  About ten years ago when I saw this pail, I knew I had to have it because of its color.

All day at school today, while leading discussions in philosophy over the writings of Nietzsche, or lecturing art history classes on the life and work of Willem De Kooning, my mind’s eye stayed on this “blue pail” painting lying on the drafting table in my Man Cave back home.  And alas, I had over two hours’ worth of appointments to tie me up after school.

Finally I got home and got to lay down some darker glazes on the background of this piece, darkened the insides of the pail, and took a shot at putting the grooves in the surface of the Coca-Cola crate, and then laying in the colors and script on the side of the crate.

I have a few more interruptions pending, but hope to return to the studio later this evening to see if I can kick this watercolor a little further down the road, so to speak.  There are plein air invitations pending for tomorrow, so I need to see how much studio time I can get put in over this weekend.

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