Setting the Painting Aside to "Rest and Compost" Awhile

Setting the Painting Aside to “Rest and Compost” Awhile

Well, staying up in the Man Cave till 1:30 a.m. meant sleeping in this morning.  Once I emerged from my sleep and re-entered the Cave, I liked, for the most part, what I saw of this late-night painting.  I’ve decided to set it aside for awhile, propping it against one of the other old doors in my Cave.  I have three other in-progress watercolors clearing their throats, trying to get my attention.  So, I guess I’ll return to them, and look up from time to time at this one, and decide whether it’s complete, or needs further work.  I call this “composting” as I let the painting sit dormant for awhile, and give my mind some time to ingest it and make decisions on what to do next.

On to the other paintings, then.  Thanks for reading.



2 Responses to “Composting”

  1. djdfr Says:

    I think of it more like bread rising.


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