More Possibilities Than I Can Pursue on a Day of Watercoloring

My Private Art Student Oil Painting en Plein Air

My Private Art Student Oil Painting en Plein Air

This Saturday is off to a roaring start.  First, I wanted to post this photo of my private art student doing her first oil en plein air, early yesterday evening.  What you are looking at took her one hour to do.  Fifteen minutes later, she was finished.  First time!  And she just turned 16.  She is enrolled in a magnet school of the Fine and Performing Arts, and has a great future.  I am amazed at her creative flourish.

Before retiring to bed early last night, I had a flood of ideas for what I wanted to do next in watercolor, too many to get done in one day.  I cleaned the Man Cave, rearranged furnishings to suit better what I was about to do, cleared off my gigantic vintage drafting table, and retired to bed happy.  Sleeping in till 8:30, I took an hour to shower, dress, cook breakfast, put on coffee, and get after it.  Only problem was–while showering, I was flooded with several more ideas for watercolor, in addition to what I imagined last night.  TOO MANY IDEAS!  A little frustrating.  Einstein once wondered why he got his greatest ideas while shaving.  At any rate, I am “loosening up” by working on some vintage fishing lures again.  I sold a couple of originals at my last art festival, so I’ve been intending to punch up my inventory and trying to improve my technique by putting out some more of these on a small scale.  Below is a photo of one just under way.  I’ll be posting more as the day unfolds.

Thanks for reading.

I paint in order to remember.

I journal because I am alone.

I blog to remind myself that I am not alone.


Fresh Start on a Vintage Bomber Lure

Fresh Start on a Vintage Bomber Lure



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