The Seer

Masquing Removed from Screen Door Watercolor

Masquing Removed from Screen Door Watercolor

A genius is one who can see.  The others can often “draw” remarkably well.  Their kind of drawing, however, is not very difficult.  They can change about.  They can make their sight fit the easiest way for their drawing.  As their seeing is not particular it does not matter.  With the seer it is different.  Nothing will do but the most precise statement.  He must not only end technique to his will, but he must invent technique that will especially fit his need.  

Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

Will you be a reader, a student merely, or a seer?

Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Art, to me, is seeing.  I think you have got to use your eyes as well as your emotion, and one without the other just doesn’t work.  That’s my art.

Andrew Wyeth

Before I go to work on redrawing the screen wire mesh over the light areas, and toning down the stark white masqued areas of the screen wire over the dark areas, I decided to go ahead and post the “raw” picture of the watercolor with the masquing stripped off.  There is a ton of work to do now on the screen, and I’m tired already, just thinking about it!  I’m going to have to spend a good deal of time just looking at the composition now, and how much it’s radically changed from the way it looked just a few minutes ago.  I’ve been “tagged” by my reading today, loving this idea of artist as “seer”.  During my graduate school years, I did quite a bit of reading and researching over the Hebrew prophets, the concept of Nabi, and the sense of vision.  I love the way it translates now into art.

More later.  Thanks for reading.

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7 Responses to “The Seer”

  1. Playamart - Zeebra Designs Says:

    great quotes! i’m way behind on reading – the connection is way too slow in the daytime!
    will be back when it’s faster. may your painting go well.



  2. Reid Rogers Says:

    Like how this is turning out. Very cool effect. We have to “see” in music also, just not with the eyes. Like that you quote Andrew Wyeth; one of my mom’s favorite artists.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thanks, Reid. I’m about to post this again, with some corrections to the masquing removal issues. I like the note about a musician “seeing” as well. And yes, Andrew Wyeth–my guiding force. He and Edward Hopper.


  3. Mark Green Says:

    This is an amazing one, David. I grew up in WV and recognize the screen door of my childhood. M


  4. Things Leibster | Zeebra Designs & Destinations Says:

    […] David Tripp (Watercolor)  —   After a long day of teaching, David retreats to his Man Cave and creates exquisite still lifes in watercolor.  He also shares his love of Thoreau, Hemingway,  Andrew Weyeth, and many other of my favorite writers/artists as well.    Although his images stand alone, he also has the patience and discipline to share his techniques and thoughts as he journeys through each highly-original work.  Check out the watercolor of a screen door that is presently consuming his focus.  (THE SEER) […]


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