Working on Some Windmill Sketches

Windmill One

Windmill One

Windmill Two

Windmill Two

I want to begin by thanking the dozens of friends on the blog and on Facebook for all the comfort extended yesterday and today.  I buried my cat yesterday, and have since then been getting used to a house and studio with Kramer no longer lounging about.  I had no idea what a difference it was going to make.  Working in the Man Cave this afternoon yielded an environment inwhich something significant was missing.

I’ve been offered a commission to create an 8 x 10″ landscape accented with a windmill.  I’ve looked at watercolors of this subject my entire life, but have never once created one myself.  The experience has brought something back into my life that has been missed, and I’m glad to be doing it once again.  One is the practice of the watercolor sketch.  Sometimes in plein air I can say that I am doing a watercolor sketch, but when I’m in the studio, working from photos given me by a patron, I tend to go straight into the painting composition, and avoid the preliminary,quick sketching.  I’ve really missed that.

I’m using a material I’ve never tried before: Fluid Watercolor Paper.  They are marketing a block bound on only two edges.  The dynamic of the surface of this cold-pressed paper is not the same as the D’Arches with which I’ve become accustomed.  But I like the way it’s working so far, and plan to continue to explore its qualities.

Another practice that had been discarded is the notion of drawing for the pure enjoyment of drawing.  For years, drawing only furnished me with the skeleton of a watercolor composition.  I noticed with amusement this past week in Waxahachie that I never spent more than fifteen minutes drawing before pulling out the watercolors and immediately going to work on the plein air painting.  In this commission, studying the windmills has given me an excuse to re-visit drawing as a serious discipline and see how far I can push the medium.

I still have two days of school left.  Hopefully, once I bury those, I can return with gusto to painting watercolors daily and doing what I enjoy most.

Thanks for reading.

I paint in order to remember.

I journal because I feel that I am alone.

I blog to remind myself that I am not alone.



3 Responses to “Working on Some Windmill Sketches”

  1. yiyime Says:

    nice post


  2. Trapper Gale Says:

    Beautiful watercolors. I am sorry about your cat though. Pets are members of the family and their loss… hurts.


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