Fly Fishing, Sketching, Musing

Largemouth Bass Taken Just at Dark

Largemouth Bass Taken Just at Dark

It is useless to study technique in advance of having a motive.  Instead of establishing a vast stock of technical tricks, it would be far wiser to develop creative power by constant search for means particular to a motive already in mind, by studying and developing just that technique which you feel the immediate need of, and which alone will serve you for the idea or the emotion which has moved you to expression.  

Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

Another fabulous day for art, thinking, fly fishing and other matters.  I returned to the same pond I visited last night, cast about in the late afternoon with no success, and decided to give the pond a rest.  While walking about, I was startled to find this nest of eggs at the water’s edge.   I have no idea what kind of eggs they were, no mother showed up in anguish as I bent over and photographed them.  But they were beautiful in the setting western sun.

Eggs at the water's edge

Eggs at the water’s edge

Coming across an overturned boat, I sat upon it and drew my Henri book out of my backpack and read the above passage, pausing to reflect and write in my journal.  I am well past the edge of looking for “tricks” to amuse people about watercolor.  I like the spirit of Henri, seeking a motive to paint, and trying to adjust “tricks” and techniques to support the motive.  As I sat on the boat, admiring it’s abused exterior, I was seized with the idea of putting my gear on the boat and taking some pictures.  I’ll post one of them.  I will not post the pencil sketch I made of the composition; it was absolutely ghastly.  My drawing/sketching skills have taken a real hit lately.  I need more practice at that.

Overturned boat with my reading and fly fishing paraphernalia

Overturned boat with my reading and fly fishing paraphernalia

After my unsuccessful sketch of the composition posted above, I re-rigged my fly rod and returned to the water.  I was more aggressive in working the submerged structures, and it took me little time to contribute three flies to the pond, snagging them on underground debris.  With my fourth fly, I managed to skirt some submerged logs, and was excited to watch the water behind the fly suddenly rise in a series of waves.  Here he comes!  Slam!  The largemouth bass nearly yanked the flyrod out of my hands, even though I knew he was striking.  He was heavy indeed, and weighed in at nearly three pounds.  I took the quick photograph then returned him to the water, let him live to fight another day.

Darkness descended and it was time to gather my gear and call it another day.  Tomorrow my plan is to return to the ghost sign Coca-Cola sketch I began this morning.

Thanks for reading.

I paint in order to remember.

I journal because I feel that I am alone.

I blog to remind myself that I am not alone.


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2 Responses to “Fly Fishing, Sketching, Musing”

  1. redharparts Says:

    Sounds like a perfect day.


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