Early Evening Work on the Sinclair Watercolor

Evening Work in the Studio

Evening Work in the Studio

Reactivated, I’d go home to the eternally rewarding game of scribbling.  Thought was never an isolated thing with me; it was a game of tests and balances, to be proven by the written word.

William Carlos Williams, Autobiography

My heart beats faster when I read anything by William Carlos Williams, physician, poet, perpetual scribbler.  I spent my last day of this week of inservice, in my school classroom, getting materials prepared, the room arranged, and always scribbling my thoughts.  I found it difficult to work on this large watercolor as the evening light faded, for all the stopping and scribbling.  Now, the light is gone, and there is nothing left but to scribble.  I haven’t felt the compulsion to shift my blog into a “scribbling” blog (though it sounds like one tonight).  Tomorrow I’ll approach the watercolor with a fresh pair of eyes and see what it needs next.  I will certainly keep flinging it up on the blog, daily now, I hope.

Thanks always for being there to read me.

I paint in order to remember.

I scribble when I feel that I am alone.

I blog to remind myself I’m really not alone.


5 Responses to “Early Evening Work on the Sinclair Watercolor”

  1. Xraypics Says:

    I intended to comment on your last post, but somehow the day got away with me, and behold, there you are on the next day too. Welcome back! I think there are a lot of people looking forward to reading regular posts. Cheerio, Tony


  2. Jane Hannah Says:

    Hi David,
    Your writing and painting and scribbling, if you prefer (even though I do not really know what scribbling is) are all very inspirational to moi -) your writing slows me down and makes me ponder on life — Which I really need — Thank you!


    • davidtripp Says:

      I so appreciate that comment, thank you! I always wish that I could reach others with what I write–usually it’s my paintings that get the comments, and I appreciate that too. But personally, I am moved by words, and always want to do that for others as well. The blog is my effort to communicate in both media.


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