Fighting for Quality Watercolor Time . . .

Painting before Open House

Painting before Open House

Open House is tonight.  We always hate that it falls on Monday evenings, leaving us exhausted the entire week.  But there it is.  I had a number of errands to run between the end of classes today and the beginning of Open House, so here is the little that I did.  I worked on the door behind the truck, then enriched the yellow-orange backlighting behind the pumps.  Last of all, I began the gravel texturing in the lower left foreground–something I love to do, but it takes a long, long time, and plenty of patience.  I just barely got that under way before having to leave for tonight’s meeting.  After Open House I have plenty of grading to do still.  Fortunately I got the weekend grading swept away.  But today’s classes generated plenty more of it.  Perhaps tomorrow I can squeeze in a little more time.  We’ll see.

Thanks for reading.

I paint in order to remember.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself that I am not alone.


8 Responses to “Fighting for Quality Watercolor Time . . .”

  1. Suzy Says:

    I’m Big Time impressed that you fit in a little painting between school and Open House! You inspire me! (And the painting looks pretty great, too.)


    • davidtripp Says:

      You inspire me, thanks! I just may break my rule and paint late tonight under house lights! I’ll see if I have enough gas in the tank when that time rolls around (no pun intended).


  2. Deanna Tennent Masterson Says:

    Hey David, you need a Dino in your tank……
    sorry…couldn’t resist! your painting is looking more wonderful each time I see it.


  3. Xraypics Says:

    It’s a great image, such a lot of skill. Interesting that when it was a little paler, the vehicle seemed grounded but now the back wheels are floating – must be the differential colour density between the shadows and the other work that has been done. It’ll be fixed when you complete the forecourt of course. I love the render on the walls – the heat just rises out of them. Working between other appointments also shows great dedication – I wish i could do that. Cheers, Tony


    • davidtripp Says:

      You’re right, Tony. I need to fix the “floater”. Thanks for pointing that out. I guess I’m either too close to the painting, or not close enough (not really taking much time to gaze at it and critique it). Thanks also for calling me “dedicated” (I may just be nuts). I hope life is going well for you these days.


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