Second Snowbound Day, Perfect for Studio Painting

Second Frozen Dawn

Second Frozen Dawn

Nothing goes by luck in composition.  It allows of no tricks.  The best you can write will be the best you are.  Every sentence is the result of a long probation.  The author’s character is read from title-page to end.  Of this he never corrects the proofs.  We read it as the essential character of a handwriting without regard to the flourishes.

Henry David Thoreau, Journal, February 28, 1841

I put in a fourteen-hour day yesterday, watercoloring in the studio, grateful for an inclement-weather-school-cancellation.  I awoke this Saturday morning around 5:40 a.m., stretched, and went to my garage to record this photo of the frozen tundra which is my neighborhood.  After showering, dressing and making breakfast, I decided on a quarter-mile walk to the neighborhood Walgreens rather than risk taking my vehicle out onto this hockey rink.  I’m not sure how clear this photo is, but my driveway incline is quite steep, and I didn’t want to sled my Jeep into the yard across the street.

Gas Station Watercolor in Progress

Gas Station Watercolor in Progress

Once I returned home from the walk, I picked up the brush and pushed this mid-sized gas station painting further toward completion.  I’m currently working on the flatbed truck, a little at a time, trying to get all the details and contour color changes right.  As I work, I’m really enjoying this 1950’s environment as it takes me back to childhood memories.

The Thoreau quote posted came up in my reading early this morning.  I found it timely.  Thanks to the Dallas Museum of Art esxhibition titled “Hopper Drawing: A Painter’s Process”, I am focusing more than ever before on the importance of drawing composition and revision before the actual painting.  This particular work went through several revisions before I settled on what I am working on now.  And as I work, I realize that composition is not accidental, it is hard focused work (for me anyway).  And the more I focus on the task, the more involved I become in the creation of the final art form.

I cannot express adequately the deep sense of joy and gratitude I feel for this space and time to think, to reflect, to compose, to paint, to blog.  I feel that time has slowed down considerably, and there is so much more Quality in the day now.

Thanks for reading.

I paint in order to remember.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself that I am not alone.

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