Muses in the Sanctuary

Sketching from the Hopper ExhibitSketching from the Hopper Exhibit

More Sketching from the Hopper Exhibit

More Sketching from the Hopper Exhibit

We must reserve a little back shop, all our own, entirely free, wherein to establish our true liberty and principal retreat and solitude.


It is not irritating to be where one is.  It is only irritating to think one would lilke to be somewhere else.

John Cage

Becoming a member of the Dallas Museum of Art has had its perks.  Waiving the $16 admission to see the Hopper exhibit, along with the $10 parking garage fee has been splendid, seeing that I have probably made a dozen visits to see the collection over the past two months.  But recently, I received an email, offering exclusive invitations for members to come to the museum February 4 after closing time to enjoy the collection during “quiet hours.”  I could not pass on such an opportunity.  As soon as I finished all my classes today, I headed for Dallas, getting there in the late afternoon.  I closed out the museum, sketching once again from the Hopper collection.  The “quiet hours” would resume thirty minutes after closing time, so I crossed the street to the Trammel Crow Center and toured their Asian art exhibit, enjoying some bench time and journal time as well.

At 5:30, I was back at the art museum, and felt the healing balm of a quiet space with very few patrons moving about.  I divided my time between the Abstract Expressionist painters (I loved the Motherwell, Pollock, Rothko and Gottlieb works) and Hopper.  I have attached a few of the thumbnail sketches I pushed out this evening as I enjoyed the calm.  Thoreau had his Walden Pond, Descartes had his thinking stove, and this evening Tripp had his quiet space in the museum, the refuge of the muses.  “Art still has truth,” urged Matthew Arnold, “take refuge there.”


One Response to “Muses in the Sanctuary”

  1. coreyaber Says:

    I have enjoyed your posts on the Hopper visits. You are so fortunate to have that exhibit there. Nice quote from John Cage as well.


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