Spring Break and Time for Quality Reflection

Using Spring Break to Catch up on some Watercolor Endeavors

Using Spring Break to Catch up on some Watercolor Endeavors

My God, what childish things will be found in these pages, written either for personal entertainment or for the sake of classifying favorite if somewhat foolish ideas, rather than trusting a poor memory, and so many rays reaching to the vital center of my art.  But if a work of art were a work of chance, all these notes would be almost useless.

I don’t think it happens like that at all.  I believe that the line of thought which has guided my work, or part of it, is very mysteriously linked to a thousand others, either my own or those heard from other people.

Paul Gauguin, Noa Noa 

Yesterday I celebrated the beginning of my Spring Break from school, spending about six hours reading from Paul Gauguin’s journals as well as writing in my own.  My own journals date from 1985, and have grown to about 120 volumes.  I still go back and re-read them, finding plenty of junk, but also plenty of quality quotes and ideas that would have been forgotten (amazing at how much we fail to retain in our memories over the years).  My personal journals are my own thoughts co-mingled with what I read and experience in daily life.  Reading back over them reminds me of connections between writers, artists, musicians and philosophers that I have forged from my own perspective.  One thing hasn’t changed through the years–I still journal in an attempt to find myself and determine what I want to do in this life.  The journals have been my greatest source for teaching in the public schools and universities, and have also helped me come to grips with this artist quest that consumes me.

I am re-posting the large watercolor that I resumed during the last week of school, glad now for an opportunity to poke at it without a daily schedule to obey.  It would be wonderful to finish it this week, but I have my doubts about that.  I am enjoying the slowness of its development, intrigued at the possibilites that emerge with each successive stroke of the brush or pencil.  Truly, the process of creating a watercolor excites me far more than looking at the finished product.

Thanks for reading.

I paint in order to remember.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself that I am not alone.


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