Blogging and Loading the Dishwasher

One of my Recent Watercolors now Featured on a Coaster

One of my Recent Watercolors now Featured on a Coaster

“I’m going to go upstairs and write for a while,” became as normal a sentence as, “I’m going to go downstairs and tackle some of the laundry.”  My novel was simply one more job I had set for myself.  I cooked meals, did laundry, helped kids with their homework, and I wrote.

Julia Cameron, FInding Water: The Art of Perseverence

Tonight’s blog may come across as silly, but I am writing straight from the heart.  Yesterday I was notifed by WordPress that the day marked the five-year anniversary since I started this blog.  It doesn’t feel like five years, and I certainly never expected to gain the readership I’ve known the past five years.  All of this is still surreal.  As a teacher, I have known the pleasure of leading plenty of workshops, formerly of a pedagogical nature for English and Art teachers, more recently for watercolor enthusiasts.  I doubt sincerely that I will ever lead a “blogging” workshop, so I thought I would take this moment to share the “inside” of why I am doing this.

Years ago, I made the acquaintance (via of a writing professor at a college in Ohio.  I had already reached that age of taking very little advice from others, but for reasons I cannot explain, it seems that whatever she recommended, I believed her and tried it: first facebook, then the blog.  So I have you, Theresa, to thank for starting me down this road.  This was your idea, and it has proved an excellent one.  You’ll never know what all this has come to mean to me.

So, why do I blog?  Well . . . for several decades, my mind has swirled daily with more ideas than I could ever capture and package for lectures and works of art.  My inspiration comes from reading, from writing in a journal (well over a hundred volumes now), from studying the history of ideas, particularly in art, philosophy, literature and religion–and there have never been enough outlets for me to release all these things.  The blog has given me one more avenue, one more venue, for sharing.  Today I read and wrote until my head was spinning, and I realized I could not pull all these ideas together to put in a single blog, so I drafted five more blog entries (perhaps to be released later, if they ever make sense).  Today I was rocked by Melville, Goethe, Kant, Hegel, Shelley, Keats and Proust, as well as some reading in general history of 18th-century Europe.  I just couldn’t seem to slip a harness over this body of ideas, so I gave up, and decided instead to write this general confessional about why I blog.  Blogging has become as normal a habit for me as loading the dishwasher or doing my laundry.  I just do it, and still enjoy it.  And when my ideas move someone else, I am humbled and grateful.

Thanks for reading my blog.

P. S.  I posted a photo of a coaster I just had made that features one of my latest watercolors.  This is the first time I’ve taken this step.  I think I’ll have others made as well.

I paint in order to remember.

I journal when I feel alone.

i blog to remind myself I am not alone.


2 Responses to “Blogging and Loading the Dishwasher”

  1. Heidi Russell Says:

    Love your blog! I always look forward to your thoughts and reflections – and, of course, your water colors. Thank you, and keep it going!


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