In the Midst of an Art Festival


This past week has been a whirlwind of activity between all my classes and preparations for this 3-day art festival. Today’s load – in and setup was tough in the Texas humidity. We never expect fall temperatures till Thanksgiving, if even then. But now I can sit in my Director’s chair and enjoy the patrons as they drift in and out of my booth. And the evening temperatures are beginning to dip a little.

I am anxiously waiting for the foliage to turn, and am committed more than ever before to do serious plein air studies of the fall colors. The school term has been very invigorating, but I now have the itch to go on a weekend road trip and look for space for plein air watercoloring as well as some serious reading and writing. I’m still seeking ways to blend successfully my classroom encounters with creative exploits. I’m never happy when I find one world excluding the other.

Thanks for reading. I’m glad I found some space in the midst of this maelstrom to post something.

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