Knowing When to Stop, Even After You’ve Been Drawn In

Watercolor Sketch Completed Long Before Expected

Watercolor Sketch Completed Long Before Expected

The essence of this whole artistic enterprise is to focus your attention on what caught your attention in the first place. Respond to what is yours.  Your truth.  It doesn’t matter the subject matter, or the style.  You must strip the thing back to the basics of what you feel about your response.  What is the kernel here that you want to express?  Get to the foundation  . . . 

Ian Roberts, Creative Authenticity

Well, this Sunday evening closes with a surprise.  After days of assembling a still life, staring at it from all angles, making adjustments, then attempting several charcoal sketches of it, today I decided to do a small watercolor sketch of just the Maxwell Coffee tin perched on the edge of the old chair.  I had decided to let the complex composition delay awhile longer, and fully expected to fiddle with this small watercolor until the middle of the week.  This afternoon, I felt “drawn in” by the subject, chuckled to myself and decided I may stay up awhile tonight, past bedtime.  Surprise–around 6:30 I stepped back from what I had done and decided, That’s It.  Done.  I can always begin another tomorrow.  But for now, I’m just going to study this sketch and figure out what to attempt on the next endeavor.

Below I’m posting a photo I took of the piece in the middle of the afternoon:

Sketch in Progress

Sketch in Progress

And finally, the studio environment in which this piece was incubated:

studio complete

This has been a satisfying day.  I think I’ll read awhile now.  Thanks for reading me.

I paint in order to remember.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.


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One Response to “Knowing When to Stop, Even After You’ve Been Drawn In”

  1. Veena Says:

    Beautiful painting, moving 🙂


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