Testing, one, two, three



I’ve been encountering some problems with out-of-focus images lately on my blog posts, so now I’m experimenting to see if I can solve the problem.  I’m posting this in hopes that it is clearer.

6 Responses to “Testing, one, two, three”

  1. lifeofawillow Says:

    its lovely.


  2. Jeff Parrack Says:

    Thanks for turning around from your trip to Austin this morning. Paul will be VERY surprised when he unwraps your two prints of his throwback Sinclair Station. Unfortunately, I already showed them to him on your blog but he will still be surprised and pleased to get the actual prints. I’m also looking forward to getting your print of Fort Worth’s Flat Iron building that brought about our telephone conversation and your trip to meet me at my office in Fort Worth. It was a pleasure to meet you and pick your brain a bit about your work and motivation and thinking. I enjoy talking to people and getting to know them and then digging deep into their goals and motivations. I know I am often getting too personal with some people as they are reluctant to expose themselves to others. I hope we REALLY can go to Joe T Garcia’s Mexican Food Restaurant together soon and I would love to see you get some ideas and angles and photos for a possible project.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Jeff, the pleasure was, truly mine. I placed your flatiron order 30 minutes after I left you. They assured me they would have it ready pretty quickly after Christmas and I gave them your card. If they don’t contact you, I’ll visit them the day I return, and am confident it will be ready. And I’ll drive it over to you. Thank you for our, time together and I’m very interested in followup visits to Sinclair and to Joe T’s. I appreciate your friendship and conversation greatly.


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