A Little Slide Guitar

Practicing Slide Guitar

Practicing Slide Guitar

We set up a lot of academies for ourselves, a lot of rules; the process of developing over time, loosening up and becoming free, is really the hardest thing to do.

Gregory Amenoff, New York artist

This will be short, as I had another commitment tonight that was school-related. On top of that I’ve had to spend more prep time for tomorrow’s classes, and now the hour is late.  Thanks to all of you who responded to my last post–it is you that make me want to write more and write better.  I’ll work on that.

A parallel I’m experiencing between my watercolor and my guitar playing the past few weeks is this notion of trying to break out of all the disciplinary procedures I’ve learned throughout the years, concentrating on all the rules and not on style (whatever “style” is!).  With watercolor lately, I’ve tried to break a few rules and follow some notions that I “felt” rather than learned and practiced throughout the years.  And now, after picking up the guitar following a lengthy hiatus, I’m doing more of the same.

As I wrote earlier, I’ve returned to a serious look at blues music, and for the past 72 hours have stolen some moments out of each day and evening to slip a brass slide on my finger and practice with open tunings (in G, D, and E).  The more I work the slide, the looser I feel my playing is, and I’m beginning to hear some things I like (playing slide guitar used to guarantee that I could empty a roomful of people within seconds).  The more I read of how Robert Johnson pushed the boundaries of music with his slide techniques, the more excited I’m becoming with these possibilities.  When I read this interview with New York artist Gregory Amenoff this morning, I was pleased to hear someone articulate what I’ve been feeling of late, so I posted his words to open tonight’s blog.  As the days unfold ahead, I hope I’ll be able to give some quality time to exploring these freedom boundaries.

Thanks for reading.


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