First Visit to the Laguna Madre

Resting on the Front Porch

Resting on the Front Porch

Well, to me, the ocean is the ultimate earth mother, I mean the constant change of the tides, its relation to the moon, the sound of it rolling back and forth—it’s almost too beautiful.  And I regard being on the water during the summer as my substitute for a Parisian café, and I can sit there by the hour.  It is certainly not profound, but it’s—I enjoy it.  All artists are voyeurs, not people of action.

Robert Motherwell (interview)

Though bone-tired after thirteen hours of driving over the past 48 hours, I cannot stop thinking this night about the enchanting morning spent on the Laguna Madre at Corpus Christi. Dr. Paul Zimba and his associate Robert Duke took me on the twenty-minute boat ride out to the island that will be my home during this summer when I serve as Artist in Residence for Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. I knew that the experience would far exceed the marvelous photos sent to me a few months ago, but I was spellbound from the moment the first salt spray hit my face on the boat journey. Once we arrived and walked the island, I could not find the words to express my enchantment with this location.

Paul and Bobby--two scientists overflowing with information about the island

Paul and Bobby–two scientists overflowing with information about the island

The colors, the winds, the smells, and the feel of the place made me feel that I had been placed in the midst of an unspoiled Paradise. I have been granted unbridled license to watercolor the environment from the oceanic horizons to the smallest prickly pear cacti. The research center will offer the basic creature comforts of home that I would need, but there will be no Internet access on the island. That just means that I’ll have to be meticulous in recording my daily observations on the laptop and release all the stories when the residency ends and I get back to civilization. I think this is for the better–solitude without the technological incursions. And no wasted time.

View from the back porch

View from the back porch

Standing in front of the Field Station that will serve as my home

Standing in front of the Field Station that will serve as my home

I could not begin to express the depth of gratitude I feel this night for the opportunity that has been handed me. This site is going to be a perfect environment for painting, fly fishing, reading, writing, and just simply pondering. I’ll know Motherwell’s sentiments firsthand once I experience this dwelling alongside the ultimate earth mother.

Thanks for reading.

I paint in order to remember.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself that I am not alone.


4 Responses to “First Visit to the Laguna Madre”

  1. createarteveryday Says:

    Congratulations again! Sounds like an experience custom made for you!


  2. Heidi Russell Says:

    What a opportunity for you! Can’t wait to see some of your work at the end of it.


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