Laguna Madre Work in Progress


Perhaps if I keep the posts brief, they’ll upload more successfully (or maybe the wind has just shifted). This is my first painting of the second day. The yellow house on the island south of me was beautifully lit by the eastern sun, as were the adjacent buildings.

6 Responses to “Laguna Madre Work in Progress”

  1. createarteveryday Says:

    So beautiful. Love the colors and the detail. I feel like I’m there. Keep ’em coming!


  2. Not Ready for Prime Time Says:

    What friendly colors, and the yellow home nestled in them so inviting and reassuring! The broader scene is evocative of human existence as a modest “grain of sand” in harmony with the infinity of nature.


  3. Brien Nicolau Says:

    David the secret to posting from a remote location is that you must stand on one leg, touch your nose, and twirl around! Thank you for taking us up on this adventure. Your writings, your art, it all reminds me that I must slow down and take time to see what is around me. Time is short, it fly’s by, and then it is all over……enjoy the moment as it may be gone tomorrow.

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