Beginning as Albrecht Durer, Ending as Jackson Pollock


As lunch subsided on this my third day, I could not stop staring at the vast tracts of wildflowers all around this field station. Picking up my supplies, I began this small sketch, concentrating on each individual flower, thinking of the focused discipline of my favorite northern Renaissance figure. I went to great lengths masquing the blossoms so as not to lose them in the greenery later.

As I began masquing, layering, scraping and spritzing the greenery however, my technique shifted to Jackson Pollock. I’m not sure if the techniques of these two men belong on the same page, but there it is.

Thanks for reading.


4 Responses to “Beginning as Albrecht Durer, Ending as Jackson Pollock”

  1. Not Ready for Prime Time Says:

    Just confirms you’re a Renaissance man, David. Per Merriam-Webster: “the transitional movement in Europe between medieval and modern times” . . . Surely even Durer would have found his connection to Pollock had he been exposed to him. Instead you connected them. The result is certainly lovely.


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