Third Day Painting on the Laguna Madre


This morning I was surprised to see a beautiful landscape framed up between the dormitory and electrical control room of this field station. Looking out on my island neighbor to the north, I loved how, the house was backed by tall dark trees. The lagoon was shimmering in the sun and I’m still studying it, trying to figure out how to match the colors of this hypersaline stretch of water with all its nuances. The wildflowers and prickly peers surrounding my residence are always an invitation to paint as well.

Thanks for reading.


One Response to “Third Day Painting on the Laguna Madre”

  1. Not Ready for Prime Time Says:

    The way the foreground foliage mirrors the building/tree line is an interesting twist on the reflection usually found only in the water.
    Also, I like the way the weathered deck wood sets off the scene. Hey, that would make a nice frame! Think they’d mind? ; )


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