Media Day at the Laguna Madre


I had been told that a media event was scheduled for this morning. Expecting a couple of journalists, I looked up from my work every time a boat with a pair came up the lagoon. When I saw this boat filled, with humanity, I thought Holy Cow, really? The NBC affiliate of the local television station was there, with a video cameraman, along with reporters and photographers from the local newspaper and the university media and marketing staff. As I walked the length of the dock to greet the approaching boat, the video camera was already trained on me and the 35mm cameras were going off. They came ashore and treated me like a rock star. During several moments the place had the feel of a press conference. And yes, I loved it all! Every last person was so enthusiastic, so engaging. They could have stayed all day, and I was sorry when they left. Every conversation was inspiring.



2 Responses to “Media Day at the Laguna Madre”

  1. Cassie Lorentson Says:

    David, It was a pleasure to meet you today out at the field station! I truly enjoyed helping to spread the word about the program! As a scientist who dabbles in acrylics and only dreams of having a mastery over watercolors, I enjoyed seeing your work! I can’t wait to see what inspires you next!


    • davidtripp Says:

      Cassie, I cannot find word to describe how all of you moved me during the time we spent together. How could I ever thank you? This environment is among the most splendid I’ve studied and painted, and I cant wait to start the next cycle on Thursday. Please stay in touch, and I hope you find time to make art in the midst of your demanding schedule.

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