One More Painting on Day Four


As the sun was near setting, I decided to paint Night Hawk Bay once more, as the land was glowing brightly with that yellow-green Salicornia. Some of the lower stems are dying out, turning a rich burnt – orange color. It’s been a long, inspiring day, and I’m feeling the fatigue. But I wanted to stay up long enough to get these words out to my wonderful, encouraging friends. Thanks, all of you, for sharing in this.


4 Responses to “One More Painting on Day Four”

  1. coreyaber Says:

    It’s such a pleasure to see all your paintings come out throughout the day, especially while I am at work. Makes the day better. I am looking forward to reading your musings when you get back.


  2. davidtripp Says:

    Corey, I sent my answer 4 times, and it never uploaded! My typewriter remark concerned my laptop – it would not connect to the Internet, not even using my cell phone as an AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspot. So I just used it as a typewriter all week, pretending to be Kerouac or Hemingway.


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