Completed the Algae Study

Mermaid's Winecup

Mermaid’s Winecup

I wish I could write something profound tonight, but my brain is fried after my second day of A.V.I.D. training in Dallas. I rise before daylight to catch a train, and arrive home well after 6:00 in the evening. I don’t know how I found enough starch to stare into this watercolor and try to bring it to a close after only two evenings spent on it. I may have pushed too hard, but in another couple of days I’ll be free of meetings and travel, and should be able to relax and explore some new angles in the Laguna Madre studies I’ve enjoyed so much.

Thanks for reading.

I paint in order to remember.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

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2 Responses to “Completed the Algae Study”

  1. Xraypics Says:

    Very subtle, bordering on abstract, full of movement. How superb to escape the stresses of the day, and then to produce something like this at the end. I envy your skill.


    • davidtripp Says:

      You are too kind to me, Tony. I appreciate that you always build me up. Frankly, I’m so weary I don’t know what to think of it, but I’ll certainly have an opinion tomorrow, when I’m rested.


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