Tribute for my Dad, a Korean War Veteran

Sorry this will be lengthy and emotional. My 86-year-old father Jerry Tripp is going to be flown to Washington D.C., compliments of Freedom Honor Flight, to view the Korean War Memorial Honoring American Heroes. He was a Staff Sgt. and Bronze Star recipient in the Korean conflict. When he arrived home after the war, there was no one to pick him up at the train station. To correct this bad deed, a mail bag will be presented to him while in Washington. Anyone wishing to put a card in this bag can do so by addressing it to his daughter Cheryl Scott, 2300 Water Tower, High Ridge, MO 63049. He will make the flight on August 4, and my sister will accompany him. He doesn’t know about the mailbag, and he also doesn’t know that I’ll be at St. Louis International Airport when he returns that night. His entire family will be present with banners and balloons waiting for him when he enters the terminal, and I will have an additional mailbag. If you would like to be a part of this, without sending a card through the mail, then would you please write for me a greeting for my dad? I will type your message and signature and print it inside a custom greeting card, and place it in an envelope to put in the bag. My custom greeting card will have his portrait on it. I am emotional about this, grateful that he survived the conflict, married later, and brought me into the world, and then always stood by me and the rest of his family. This is such a small thing to return after his lifetime of loving service. Thank you for reading this.


4 Responses to “Tribute for my Dad, a Korean War Veteran”

  1. Man of many thoughts Says:

    My father was in the Korean war on a ship, the Newport News.
    I received some years ago from my aunt his journal and poetry from that time. I have posted some. amazing that I have been able to share what was on paper from 1949 to my blog.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Amazing. Thank you for posting that. I’m on the move right now, but when I’m settled again, I want to read your Dad’s writings, as well as your contributions. I’ll get back to you, thanks so much.


  2. Ann Says:

    David, thank you for this opportunity to express these words to your father.

    Being a first generation Korean who have immigrated to the states from Seoul Korea in the early 70’s. Now as an adult, I understand and appreciate the privilege of freedom and liberty I live in daily came at a cost. I honor and give you my heart felt Thanks to your sacrificial service. Sincerely, Ann Kim


    • davidtripp Says:

      Ann, I’m so touched by your heartfelt words, and my father will be also. Thank you so much. I was on the road all day yesterday and couldn’t respond to you until this morning. I appreciate you!


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