Early Morning Gleanings

Drawing and Collage

Drawing and Collage

A book should be a vein of gold ore, as the sentence is a diamond found in the sand, or a pearl fished out of the sea.

Henry David Thoreau, Journal, March 26, 1842

Good morning! It is rare for me to wake before 6:00 on a summer morning, when there is no appointment. But it seemed, as I sat in my study before the dawn light broke, that my appointment was actually with Thoreau. His journals are magnificent, his skill in writing matched only by his depth of thought. Indeed, I am mining gold every time I turn to his pages to read. I had fancied that I would give the entire morning to reading, writing and reflection, but somehow this young mind has inspired me to get to work on a task that I laid down a week ago–to make greeting cards for my father who will be honored as a Korean War veteran in a couple of weeks. (See “Tribue for my Dad, a Korean War Veteran” eleven days ago.)  Many readers have sent greetings to him which I will print on the insides of custom cards I am making. And now, I am in the mood to resume the creation of cards. Incidentally, I have posted an image at the top of a collage I created many years ago when I was making more collages and turning them into greeting cards.

More later . . . thanks for spending this part of the morning with me.

I make art in order to remember.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself that I am not alone.

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