My Latest Greeting Card, Honoring Dad

Watercolor of Dad's Bronze Star

Watercolor of Dad’s Bronze Star

A heart-felt thanks to those of you who have honored my dad with your personal messages. I still have two weeks before meeting him at the airport with a mailbag to present him, filled with notes from my friends honoring him for his Korean War service. He will be returning from Washington D.C. on the Freedom Honor Flight after viewing the war monument.

I’ve just completed a 5 x 7″ watercolor of Dad’s bronze star medal awarded for valor during his tour. I have framed it and wrapped it as a gift to include in the mailbag. There are greeting cards also printed with this image on the front, the inside blank for messages still pending.

If you are still interested in writing my dad, then you could send whatever you wish printed inside the card to me. He was Staff Sgt. Jerry Tripp. I cannot thank you enough for this. The outpouring of support has already been deeply stirring.

Thank you so much,



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2 Responses to “My Latest Greeting Card, Honoring Dad”

  1. Dian Darr Says:

    Please add a card from us! Dear Mr. Tripp, Thank you so much for your dedicated service to our country! The Korean War Monument is our favorite one due to its stunning beauty. We are so glad you are being honored and get to be a part of this beautiful memorial. We know you made great sacrifices to give us the freedoms we cherish today! ( you must also be a great father because we love your son, David). Ron and Dian Darr


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