Dawn Brings Back the Heroic Age


“I too sit here on the shore of my Ithaca, a fellow-wanderer and survivor of Ulysses.”
Henry David Thoreau, Journal, July 7, 1845

Rising at 6:00 this morning, I wandered along the shores of this east Texas lake waking to 70-degree temperatures, working my fly rod. I did not manage to interest any fish along the way, and regretfully, don’t even remember the last time I landed a fish. That speaks poorly of me, how seldom I get out with a fly rod these past years. I’ll have to fix that.
The Thoreau Journal however, was a nice catch. And now it is he who has hooked me. At 7:24 a.m., the lake is quiet except for the sounds of birds in full chorus, and I plan to take advantage of this quality environment.

4 Responses to “Dawn Brings Back the Heroic Age”

  1. doubledacres Says:

    You might not have landed a fish but you filled your heart and soul with the intoxicating beauty of nature and no one take that perfect moment from you.


  2. Brien Nicolau Says:

    Where in East Texas David?


    • davidtripp Says:

      Good morning, Brien. This was Athens, Texas. I have a deep friendship with retired school teachers there, husband and wife. They live on the lake and always have a place for me to abide when I leave the spastic suburbs behind. The past couple of days were absolutely beautiful and quiet out there. And I so enjoy their conversation. They are both artistic as well, so I can work on my art, and they do alongside me.


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