Can You Go Home Again?


When I visit again some haunt of my youth, I am glad to find that nature wears so well. The landscape is indeed something real, and solid, and sincere, and I have not put my foot through it yet.
Henry David Thoreau, A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers
After an 11 – hour drive through the night to the St. Louis area, followed by a few hours’ restorative napping, I awoke to a silent house, my extended family scattered about, running errands. Tonight, we’ll meet Dad at the airport, returning from his flight to Washington DC to see the war monuments. I have a bulging bag full of fan mail to greet him, thanks to all of you who sent greetings. He’ll be surprised to see me as well, thinking that I am teaching summer school.
Right now, I’m seated outside in 80 degree weather, missing the Texas climate as much as the measles. I have a quality book open in my lap, happy to be embraced by a landscape that  nurtured me through 18 idyllic summers.
Thanks for reading.


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