Vacation Sketching


Proust, another superb ironist, wrote an extraordinary essay on reading as self-overhearing in the preface to his translation of John Ruskin’s Sesame and Lilies. Reading, Proust says, is not conversation with another. Its difference consists “for each of us in receiving the communication of another thought, but while we remain all alone, while continuing to enjoy the intellectual power we have in solitude, which conversation dissipates immediately.”

Harold Bloom, Genius

Waking at 6:30 this morning was not in my plan, but I’m glad I rose and walked into a quiet, sun-drenched living room. The family cat insisted on some bonding, and that was a good moment. Reading  Bloom was even better, and then Dad got up and asked if I would drive us to Spencer’s Grill for breakfast, and of course I was delighted to sit down to a breakfast of eggs, scrapple and sourdough toast. And then, my 86-year-old dad shocked me by asking if I would stop at a Barnes & Noble Store. I sat in their cafe, reading more Bloom and scribbling in my journal while he browsed and shopped. Getting back in the car, he inserted the CD he had purchased so he could play Billy Joel’s “My Life”!!!!!! He even cranked up the volume as we sailed down Highway 30. Of all the music Dad has ever played in my presence (Slim Whitman, Tennessee Ernie Ford, etc.), this is the first time I ever heard him respond to the words of a song–at 87 years of age. Parents will always amaze us.

The sketch above is anti-climactic I’m sure, but I was too buzzed to read when I got home. So, I figured I could always draw.

Thanks for reading. This is the most notable vacation I’ve had in awhile, and it’s barely underway.


2 Responses to “Vacation Sketching”

  1. Xraypics Says:

    Has it ever occurred that as you read this I have taken over and am controlling a small part of your brain. Its a scary thought. So much for self-overhearing! Do enjoy the remainder of your vacation. How good it is to be with the old people, and how great that they can still surprise you.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Sorry I took so long to respond to this, Tony. My parents don’t have Internet access, so I have to go to a public library to get online. Thank you for reading me, still. Sometimes I feel that you have some measure of control over this blog, and perhaps my mind along with it! And I don’t find that a scary thought. I hope summer is shaping up nicely for you. I’m sorry to see it drawing to an end over here.

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