Friday Night Insulation

A delicious three-day weekend stretches out before me, following an arduous week in the public school arena. Harold Bloom’s book Genius has turned my attention to reading Don Quixote, and after reading 96 pages, I am absorbed by this notion of insula, the Latin word for “island”, used in an extended sense in literature to denote isolation or solitude.

Having just completed my reading of Hamlet’s BlackBerry, I am inspired by the author’s idea of nurturing “depth” in one’s everyday life by disconnecting occasionally from social media and social engagements to allow quality time for reflection. In my high school A.V.I.D. classes, we are already setting aside ten minutes from our 90-minute schedule for quiet solitary reading and journal reflection.

I am accepting this three-day gift with a heart of gladness, and expect wondrous things from Don Quixote and whatever my mind sees fit to pour into my own reflective journal.

Thanks for reading.

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