“Eudaimonia” is Greek, and can be rendered as a “spirit of good will”. That best describes my sensations this Labor Day afternoon as I fiddle with this new 20 x 24″ watercolor of the island where I spent time last summer.

How do I express the sheer aesthetic delight I feel when I am drawing in watercolor with a sharp brush, adding accents to a field of wildflowers? Or the scratching, cutting sound of a sharp pencil skating over the surface of my drawing paper, as I watch a form of a shell or crab or fish skull emerge from the gloom? Or, the feel of a steel guitar string beneath my fingertips when I pluck it and feel the wood of my Martin acoustic guitar resonating in my arms? I have no words to describe these sensations, but they flood my soul with delight when I am trying to create.

Thanks for reading.

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