Drawing Slows Things Down


With drawing, you really slow it down.
Juliette Aristides, Lessons in Classical Drawing

The weekend was a whirlwind, with sixteen hours of driving to and from Corpus Christi, then rising at 6:00 this morning to resume classes at school. Though exhausted to the bone, I would not have traded away my weekend. The shrimp boil at the Laguna Madre Field Station brought out many people, and I enjoyed meeting so many new friends during the afternoon.

Approaching the Island

Approaching the Island

Partying on the Island

Partying on the Island

Though I returned today to a stressful grading deadline, I managed to get through the chores, and this evening to slow things down and resume drawing. One of my new friends at the Laguna Madre gave me a handful of shells from the shores of the island, and I was thrilled to sketch one of them on Sunday morning before leaving to return to Arlington. Tonight, while listening to an instructional DVD that came with Aristides’s book, I appreciated her soothing opening words about how drawing slows things down in our frenzied world, and I cleared away a spot on my desk, adjusted my lights, and got out the new assortment of shells and drawing materials.

We find many ways to slow down our world. If I could split my life into several pieces, I would be reading a book, writing in my journal, working on a drawing, and watercoloring–all at the same time. Tonight, I decided it will be drawing, and the hours have already become sweeter.

Thanks for reading.

I draw in order to slow down my world.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.


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