Drawing from the Shadows

Charcoal Drawing from the Shadows

Charcoal Drawing from the Shadows

Good morning! One of my blogging friends posted, asking if I had ever drawn something, beginning with the shadows. It prompted me to remember something I tried only once about a year ago. Below I have posted the link to the blog entry I did back then.

So, why did I not repeat this effort? A worthy question. Simply, I forgot! I suppose life happened and I re-entered a crazy, convoluted world that combined high school and university teaching, along with art festivals and business in general. I just simply did not go back and repeat a successful charcoal attempt of covering the paper with a shade, and then using an eraser to draw the highlights. I recall that the last thing I did was take a stick of vine charcoal and draw a few dark details.

I am certain that I have this drawing lying flat in a darkened closet somewhere, waiting for a mat and frame. I never sprayed it with any kind of fixative, fearing it would stain the paper. I suppose it is time to find it and frame it. I did like the result then, and, looking at the photo, still like the overall appearance of the composition.

My thanks to your inquiry!


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2 Responses to “Drawing from the Shadows”

  1. Linda Myro Judd Says:

    I like your lantern very much. The way you did it reminds me of Carving a Tree. All the gray shade is the tree, and erasing is the carving. I had a different approach in mind. I was thinking it would start with the darkest shadows first to form the outline on one side, then build toward the light side with lighter shadows. This way might not appear, in the end, to be different than a usual approach to drawing. What you have in your drawing evokes mystery. The lantern that feels like it’s coming out of a fog. I like it a lot. If it was taller, I might think it’s a lighthouse.

    BTW, the link at the end of your post takes me to the WP editor, since it’s your post I get the error message, can’t edit.


    • davidtripp Says:

      I really appreciate your thoughtful response. I have so much to learn about drawing in these later years, since I did not really invest the quality time in my youth to explore all these rich possibilities. Recently I have been scoring my paper with an ink pen dry of ink, and then dragging a 9B pencil over the creases to build up dark shadows on one side of a tree, then I move to the lighted side to draw in the bark textures. I’m just getting started on this angle.


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