Late Nights Prepping for Shows

imageI will write on the door of my studio: School of drawing, and I will make painters. . . . Drawing is the probity of art. . . . Drawing includes everything except colour. It is the expression, the interior form, the plan, the modelling. . . . A thing well drawn is always adequately painted.

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Funny that my mind is on drawing, though I find no time to pursue the craft this night. Tomorrow night I will set up for the Saturday festival “Stop the Shots” at Arlington Texas’s St. Stephen United Methodist Church on Randol Mill Road. The show will run from 9:00-3:00 one day only. $5 admission will be charged at the gymnasium door.

The hours have stretched long into the night, printing, matting, sleeving and processing stacks of greeting cards and 8 x 10″ prints. I’m always happy to have good sales as I did in the last show a couple of weeks back. Restocking the inventory can be a challenge, but at least I get to look at artwork while I’m doing it. I’m glad I’m not licking envelopes or looking at columns of figures.

Tomorrow is along one, so I need to call it a night.

Thank you for reading.



2 Responses to “Late Nights Prepping for Shows”

  1. Linda Myro Judd Says:

    I like the scat jazz lounge’s nice primary colors.


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