Applying the Brakes

imageThe simple act of going out for a walk is completely different today from what it was fifteen years ago. Whether you’re walking down a big-city street or in the woods outside a country town, if you’re carrying a mobile device with you, the global crowd comes along.

William Powers, Hamlet’s Blackberry

This evening I went out to do some necessary errands, and as I backed out of my driveway, realized I had left my phone in the house. I didn’t even think for a moment of getting back out and going inside to retrieve it. Instead, I thought “Good!” and went on my way for about an hour’s worth of errands. Funny how I kept reaching for my pocket for a phone that wasn’t there. In response, I’ve set up a lesson plan for tomorrow involving social media and how distracted it has made us. I’m looking forward to the responses. At the end of this month, I’ll be giving a public talk on the book quoted above and what its message has come to mean to me.

For an hour before bedtime, I decided to push aside my assignments that are never completed (and probably never will be, as long as I remain a teacher–funny how the world expects us to work on this stuff throughout the school day, and until bedtime each night). Taking out my pencils, I began working on sketches again to relax and unwind. The one posted above I began several weeks ago, and then pushed aside, forgetting about it until now. I’m placing it inside a 5 x 7″ window mat that fits an 8 x 10″ frame. I’m going to offer it for $40. I’m surprised at how drawing has slowed down my frantic world, and I’ve taken the practice up almost daily. Maybe I’ll crank out a series of 5 x 7″ pencil drawings and see how they package. I had no idea they would look this fresh, torn out of the sketchbook and matted.

Thanks for reading.

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