Autumnal Rhapsody


Holiday conversations pulsated in the warm house

As I sat with coffee, gazing out the window

At falling yellow leaves

Flickering like fireflies

Descending backlit against burgundy shadows.

Sensing the gentle invitational tug,

I rose quietly amidst the talk,

Threaded my way through the crowded parlor,

And exited through the screen door.

Settling into an Adirondack chair,

Sitting quietly in the autumnal embrace,

I watched as a tree slowly grew

Across the waiting space of my sketchbook page.

. . . Thanks for reading.

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4 Responses to “Autumnal Rhapsody”

  1. Heidi Russell Says:

    Love this drawing!


  2. Carolyn Baldwin Says:

    David, I always look forward to seeing your newest drawing. You’re so talented.

    Carolyn Forbes Baldwin


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