Drawings are Made by Fools Like Me . . .


. . .  but only God can make a tree.

I recall the poem “Trees” from the sixth grade when one of my classmates recited it before us all.  And since ninth grade, I’ve been an avid observer of Andrew Wyeth’s renderings of winter trees in pencil and drybrush.  But it wasn’t until the early spring of this year that I actually stared at a leafless tree and drew the entire thing in all its intricate detail. Since then, I’ve been hooked and have tried to push my own pencil and watercolor technique to the edge of the envelope. 

Sitting in a coffee shop this evening, waiting on a dinner engagement, I’m happy for some quiet reflection and  critique of my recent pencil work.

Thanks for reading.

4 Responses to “Drawings are Made by Fools Like Me . . .”

  1. sinrenter Says:

    Love it! The details and size are just right, the tree’s so poetic!:D


  2. Arvind Says:

    thank you for sharing these. These are so beautiful and ‘connected’. Every branch belongs in its place. It has to be more than patience, my drawings of trees fall apart very quickly and start looking like what I used to do when I was 5.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Well, thank you for that compliment. My tree sketches began improving when I spent more time looking at the tree than my paper. Most of the time when I draw without looking back at my reference object, I’m doing it wrong, and the drawing falls apart on me.

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