My Recent Visit posted in Archer County News

My recent weekend retreat to Archer City served me so well on many different fronts. The quiet, the space, the weather, the perfect environment for painting, reading, journaling–all of it was so delicious. But one of my genuine highlights featured an afternoon chatting with Sarah Junek, the one who secured my reservation at the Spur Hotel and also writes for the local newspaper. Her work in promoting the arts in that county is exemplary–theater arts, literary arts, visual arts, the works! We discovered that afternoon that we shared many common interests, and neither of us got in the other’s way, she was on assignment and I was working on watercolors.

Sarah expressed an interest in writing about my work, and I just received the link to the article she published in the Archer County News. Thanks Sarah, you are the very best! I’m sharing the link:

And thanks to all of you for reading.


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3 Responses to “My Recent Visit posted in Archer County News”

  1. Cheryl Rose Says:

    This is a great article about you. It truly is well written. And I love reading your blog when I can slow down. Your words flow so poetically and create visual pictures in my mind!


  2. Elaine Jary Says:

    This is so cool David! You will probably get lots more blog followers! Now figure out how to make sales from your blog. See you next week.

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