Luther’s Tower


Since January 2000 I have proudly served on the adjunct faculty of Texas Wesleyan University, teaching evenings, weekends and now online. My adjunct work reaches back to 1985, all of it rewarding, but none coming close to what I have savored on this hill in Polytechnic Heights. Before and after evening lectures, I climbed the stairs to the library’s top floor, for no other reason but to cloister in one of the carrels, behind a closed door, and gaze out across the land to the city of Fort Worth on the horizon. In this quiet room, many volumes were explored, journals were filled and dreams were allowed to soar.

Today I bussed my AVID students to a college fair in Fort Worth, and now I have two late-afternoon appointments at the university. Arriving early, I couldn’t resist the urge to climb the stairs and seek a private space in which to dream again.

Thanks for reading.

2 Responses to “Luther’s Tower”

  1. Tom Says:

    trying to reach you re: usage of a watercolor of the Ridglea Theater. Please contact – thanks


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