First Viewing of the Show


“One must enter the art world like one enters the priesthood: to serve a higher power. A work of art is both human and spiritual. A painting, a sculpture, a tapestry is s physical thing expressing the non-physical. The beyond-physical. Great at had spiritual power. Embedded within it. The power to cure the heart, heal the human spirit, save, and uplift the soul.”

Bakersfield Mist, by Stephen Sachs

I have known sacred moments in art museum galleries when I was the only one present with the works of art, usually just after they opened or right before closing.

Today felt like one of those moments. They locked me into the gallery today so I could have 90 minutes alone to judge the current exhibit of the local watercolor society hanging in the gallery space adjacent to mine. The show was first rate, and I loved the time alone with so many magnificent
paintings. After the judging, they hung the ribbons and let the artists and patrons back in. I enjoyed thoroughly the critique session that followed, and am so glad to have met so many fascinating and imaginative artists.

Following the critique, a group of artists then asked to view my show with me because they had questions. I love discussing my work and am always amazed at the insight behind questions and observations posed. The time in the gallery meant so much to me, and I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to understand.
I journal when I feel alone.
I blog to remind myself that I am not alone.

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