Some Framing, Some Sketching, Much Thinking


School is turned upside-down this week with End-of-Course testing. My schedule changes day-to-day, but still I am managing to keep my art production moving. I found a break in my schedule for sketching, just received one of my large watercolor still lifes from the framer, and am making serious decisions regarding presentation for my first art festival of the year coming up inside of three weeks. Twenty-six of my one-man-show collection have returned to my home, and they now hang throughout the house, improving my domain.



I am excited about hanging some of these in my art booth April 15. Finally, my art booth, after all these years, will be upgraded to the standards I have always wished, but lacked the means. I can’t wait to post photos of its new look once it opens again.

Thanks for reading.

4 Responses to “Some Framing, Some Sketching, Much Thinking”

  1. Xraypics Says:

    Those pictures look magnificent on the wall!


  2. Linda M. Judd Says:

    Gorgeous work as usual! Wonderful to come and peek at your workshop.


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