Assessing the Weekend


The weekend plein air escape has been a respite-my only pause in the midst of a string of workshops and art festivals. While gazing on this stretch of sand dunes along the Gulf yesterday, I tried to solve the colors of the greenery and dried stalks spiking up out of them. Part of me wants to cut this loose (I’ve already signed it), and yet another part wishes to take out a liner brush and do some dark green-to-black calligraphy  in the midst of my greenery, as I did frequently on the island last summer. I’m delighted that I’ll get to return to the Laguna Madre in a few weeks, as I’ll miss this coastal area when I leave today.
One excellent part of this weekend escape has been trying out for the first time my Sienna pochade box and  MeFoto RoadTrip tripod. They worked magnificently, and I didn’t miss my battered, fragile duct-taped Winsor & Newton plein air easel. The latter had served its purpose, accompanying me on countless excursions throughout the years, and paying for itself many times over. But it was well past time to retire it with honors.
It’s raining cats and dogs on the coast now, so there won’t be any painting today. Unfortunately I still have a long, long drive home.
Thanks for reading.
I paint in order to remember.
I journal when I feel alone.
I blog to remind myself that I am not alone.

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