Captain Many-Hands


My second day on the Laguna Madre has brought laughter to my soul. I have felt all day as though I were a man of leisure, yet I see a huge body of work emerging, and I am also finding plenty of time to read Emerson and write in my journal. I’m calling myself Captain Many Hands, because I keep moving from one task to the next – masking on one painting, drawing on another, stretching paper for another, pulling staples from another– I have all of these watercolor sketches going on at the same time, and I am absolutely loving every minute of it all!  I have felt much more stressed as a school teacher, because of multitasking, and the feeling that none of it is getting done properly. Yet here I am on the island, with no schedule, no deadlines, no expectations from others, and I am getting a huge body of work done, and feeling very fulfilled. I just wish I could know this feeling in my everyday job.

I took a break to blog and speak my mind. Now I am going to get back to what I have been enjoying. And I thank you for reading.

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