Studying the Waters


The afternoon winds from the east have intensified, making the back porch of my living quarters very comfortable. I have moved my studio back here, and decided not to leave this spot until sunset. Readings from Henry David Thoreau have been so soothing, and looking out across the Lagoon and it’s changing colors has inspired me to try something new.

I laid down a series of washes across the Lagoon, alternating teals and greys and sea greens. Once I got the area good and wet, I took out the X-acto knife and began my lateral scratchings, and believe I have finally captured the textures of the water’s surface all right.

Now I am masking foreground flowers and cacti, and getting ready to lay in layers and layers of dry brush. I am feeling like a mad scientist in the laboratory, and am really enjoying this!

Thanks for reading.

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