Coming Home

Summer ends this morning for me. Day One of back-to-school Inservice commences today. The summer break was too rich to encapsulate, though I attempted to in my blog posts. The best I can say about it this morning is that I felt the dynamics of Whitman’s “Noiseless, Patient Spider”.  I seemed to spend most of my days suspended in a vast chasm, casting out filament, longing for a connection somewhere. Fortunately, the ductile thread caught in several places, I felt a renewed hope, and I was able to come Home. I’m so glad to be Home.

The watercolor above is the finished plein air piece I started in Rolla, Missouri with my friend Lorraine McFarland.

Thanks for reading.

2 Responses to “Coming Home”

  1. Claudia Pau d'Arco Says:

    Really, really beautiful. I enjoyed staring at your art until my eyes got sticky. Thanks for sharing.


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