Post Festival Decompression


My booth display at the Genny Wood Fine Arts Show & Sale in Bullard, Texas

The weekend in Bullard, Texas was fine as far as art shows go, but sadness overwhelmed this small town.  Ten-year-old Kayla Gomez Orozco disappeared from her church Tuesday evening, and over a hundred law enforcement officers including the FBI and over a thousand volunteers combed the region looking for the young girl.  Her remains were found Saturday evening, and the depths of sorrow in her family and town cannot be described.  I spent the day Saturday inside the festival visiting with fellow artists, patrons and townspeople who had only one thing on their minds.  At this hour none of us know what to say.

Thanks for reading.


4 Responses to “Post Festival Decompression”

  1. Xraypics Says:

    So sad to hear about Kayla. My prayers with the family…


  2. Carol Says:

    Sorry to hear this sad news. 🙏🏼


  3. Elaine Jary Says:

    How horrible, so sorry David.

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. ericgitongaart Says:

    Really sorry about this. My condolences to her family and friends.


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