Sun Setting on the Second Day of the Gallery

day 2b

Late afternoon sun flooding The Gallery at Redlands

What you don’t feel, you will not grasp by art,

Unless it wells out of your soul

And with sheer pleasure takes control.

Goethe,  Faust

The opening days of The Gallery at Redlands have been unbelievable as I have met countless new friends and renewed acquaintances with old ones.  I’m exhausted to the bone, but thrilled to share that three of my original pieces have found a new home.  I cannot thank my patrons enough for their interest.  And the day has been filled with the loving presence of friends of mine who have journeyed for hours to spend a day with me, even though I was covered up most of the time in the gallery.


Sold this evening

laguna madre

Sold this afternoon

Thank you for reading.  I’m exhausted after a 10-hour day in the gallery, but very happy tonight . . .


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2 Responses to “Sun Setting on the Second Day of the Gallery”

  1. Carol Says:

    Congratulations, David!!


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